Who's the Real Writer?

This afternoon my wife, the lovely Karla, and I were reminiscing about a funny experience we shared a few years back.  By the way, that’s just two people in the first sentence.  It’s called “appositive”.  Go ask Mary Alice Rice.  Anyway, the point is that I was reminded of how incredible a writer… my wife is.

One of my professional headshots for my writing endeavors.


Yes, alums, she props me up favorably and I greatly appreciate it.  It’s nice to hear words of praise from one’s adoring wife and Karla is not one to shower praise readily.  It’s also true that the selection to which I will direct you to demonstrate Karla’s writing prowess is really a reflection of my own.

Go read, see for yourself, then come back to this page and finish here.



The moral here is this.

  1. Karla always knows how to captivate people.  She’s been doing it to me for about 20 years now.
  2. Writing is best left to the professionals (and yes I have been paid for mine before).
  3. Homecoming is coming up fast.  Make your travel plans and get the sitter lined up.

More to come…

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