What’s Going on in Roma?

Fellow alumni, I wanted to take a moment and direct your attention to another publication in the amazing literary portfolio of your alma mater.

I’ll begin by saying that if Christendom had instituted the Rome Program just a few years earlier, I might have been inclined to stick around a bit longer.

That being said, if you are unfamiliar of the amazing opportunity our current students have then pop on over to The Chronicler for a gander.  There you will find (about half-way down the page) the Christendom “Rome Report”.

Lions 1 – Christians 0
Now, I may be a bit biased here but I think the writing of this weekly piece is top-notch.  OK, so I’m a lot biased…  It’s written by my niece Bridget Gaffney, ’18.  She seems to have inherited a talent for stringing words together.  From whom this gift originates I cannot say, though I suspect it was my mother (Bridget’s grandmother) who has always had one of the most visionary and creative minds I’ve known.  I think one has to be creative and visionary to raise sixteen kids.

Sidenote: I still remember Dr. O’Donnell handing back the first midterm for his class “Ancient and Biblical World” while offering a bit of paternal correction.  Most kindly he said to us all: “Just a word of grammatical caution, cannot is one word, not two.”  I’ve never forgotten that.

So if you want to see how the current students are taking full advantage of all that Christendom has to offer, go check it out.  There are lots of pictures, too!

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