The Path to Homecoming 

Friends, to the many of you who cannot be here tonight for Homecoming 2016, know that you are always in our prayers. Tim O’Donnell said to me yesterday that alumni are the greatest treasure any college can possess. “I believe alumni are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way,” he said. “Show them all the beauty they possess…” I had to cut him off. We all know where this was going.

But the truth is this school is nothing without you. Even if you cannot be with us in person, we are all always one in the Truth. 

Isn’t that a beautiful sentiment? I thought so or I wouldn’t have offered it to Dr. O’Donnell. In fact I was quite proud of how I had just massaged those words. Tim on the other hand looked bemused. After a few moments of silence he returned to his “speech”. 

“Give them a sense of pride…”

So tonight’s the big night. So many things could go wrong. The weather hasn’t exactly helped us today. And yet we feel confident that all of our honored guests will find a glimmering campus, sparkling not unlike a Tiffany diamond, shining a welcoming light on this, your old home. 

Boy that was beautiful. Thank you.

Perhaps I was a bit too preoccupied choosing my verbiage for this blog… Thinking of my words carefully as I chauffeured my lovely wife the 50 feet from Crusader gymnasium to the St. John library, I must’ve been lost deep in thought.

Somethings never change at Christendom College. Case in point: have you ever noticed that the asphalt driveways lining the campus are only a few feet wider than the asphalt walkways lining the campus? I was reminded of this fact when I drove down the wrong one.

So for our friends who will be here tonight, let this be as a public service announcement to you.

How did I know I was on the wrong path you ask?

Simple. The school took the time to paint a little yellow man at the end of the path.

I swear I have not been drinking yet.

Other than that little slip up, the place looks great and we are ready to welcome you home!

And somethings truly never change…

Because some of us still enjoy a legal smoke. 

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