How Far Have You Traveled Home?

We landed at Dulles at midnight thanks to a slight delay caused by an inbound flight. No worries. Karla and I enjoyed a cocktail or four at the Chili’s Express at DFW. 

In fact, all told it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 1:30 when we arrived at the place where we were staying the night. Thanks again to our good friends the Pierce’s for their extraordinary hospitality!

Unfortunately this was not to be a social call with Matt and Theresa. We snuck in and headed for the guest room where we promptly crashed. After a few hours of shut-eye it was up and at ’em. Being a part of the Alumni Advisory Council implies no rest. 

And what has our day wrought thus far?


  • A morning meeting with Tim O’Donnell
  • Mass
  • Lunch in the beautifully refurbished St. Lawrence Commons (with my niece, Malia, ’19, no less)
  • Meetings in a conference room atop Regina Coeli that I did not know existed
  • And a brief respite at a hotel in town we booked early this morning. 

Stay tuned for live updates throughout the night as Homecoming 2016 gets underway and don’t forget to check the Facebook and Instagram accounts for more pictures!

Oh, and happy birthday to Mr. Ray O’Herron!

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