Grill'n in Harrisburg?

It wasn’t on the tour but since I have the keys and the tee shirts I get to add cities as I see fit. 

Leaving Marshall after last night’s incredibly successful Front Royal event I immediately remembered why DC holds the title for worst traffic in their world. On I-66 we crawled for over an hour to travel three miles. The cause? A gravel spill. Go figure. 

We used to live in Herndon and would frequently visit the Nation’s Capital with our kids but they were younger and don’t really remember it. We figured a stop at the memorials was in order. 

But we still had another 24 hours before our next scheduled stop in suburban Philadelphia. And that’s when I said “Hey, let’s spend the night in Harrisburg!” My sister Mary Ann Gaffney, ’93, lives there with her husband and their children. They also have a pool. We would kill many birds with this one stone. It’s not just the kids who enjoy a good swim on a warm June day and I really enjoy visiting family. 
Late that evening Mary Ann’s oldest daughter Bridget, ’18, decided she wanted in on the action and lit the grill. Now it was a true Grill’n and Chill’n tour stop!

The Most Beautiful Church in America?

This morning we went shopping and then headed to mass. It’s Friday and my late father-in-law’s birthday. The only church with a noon mass happened to be Harrisburg’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Friends, this is how a Catholic Church should be built. Enjoy the pictures and say a prayer for us. We are always praying for you.

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