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  • Grill’n In Louisville

    As a writer I’m always looking for different ways to say things.  I’m also always doing research.  You think it’s easy just letting every thought in your head flow unfiltered from brain to page?  Well I can tell you, it’s not as easy as it looks. For some reason I had it in mind that […]

  • Grill’n In Memphis

    Day 2 Our second full day brought our first event! My long-suffering family and I had passed through Memphis many times before.  Yet there was so much we did not know about this beautiful place.  And this is one reason why we love road trips.  Getting out on the road is one thing  Getting off […]

  • And NOW We’re Off!

    Fr. Longua (’92) blesses the Grill’n & Chill’n Mobile (and the pilgrims) at Mater Dei in Irving, TX. Prayers for a safe and successful trip. 

  • Everyone’s A Winner!

    That’s right, everyone’s a winner; but some people are more winners than others.  Let me explain. When we first started up this Alumni Council we asked all of you to complete a brief survey.  But human nature being what it is, some of you thought that didn’t apply to you.  “Oh, they don’t really need […]

  • That’s a Lot of Road to Cover!

    Fortunately, your Grill-n-Chill Masters are old pros at this. Relax! It’s not like we’re bringing kids with us. Oh wait…