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  • Eureka!

    I chose the title for a few reasons. Eureka! is the motto of the state of California.  From a transliteration of a Greek interjection, it means “I have found it!” and hearkens to the cry of the gold miners upon striking a vein. In today’s adventure we arrived in Southern California and visited the Reagan […]

  • Two Gentlemen of California

    In today’s installment I want to tell you about two very different men.  My hope is that you will come to see in their lives a great contrast between two worlds.  Both men came to call California home.  Both are long since departed from this earth.  On this leg of our journey I was blessed to […]

  • Coast Highway to the Missions and Beyond

    Most mornings I follow a routine.  The moment my eyes semi-open I reach for my glasses on the nightstand.  Getting out of bed I usually trip over something.  Then I pour my coffee, head to the shower, shave, and get dressed.  At least I think that’s the order.  It’s been a while since I’ve been […]

  • Open Your Golden Gate! Last night we arrived at our hotel.  Along our journey we have been blessed to be offered the homes of so many wonderful alumni families in which to stay for the night (or longer).  On about half of our trip we have stayed with friends or family.  Since leaving Nova Scotia we have spent […]

  • The Things We'd Never See Otherwise

    There are things I’ve always wanted to see.  The Vatican comes to mind.  That’s right.  I’ve never been to Rome.  Karla’s been a bunch of times but yours truly is bound to the North American landmass.  I did visit Ireland once but it wasn’t much to write home about, despite the postcards I sent. Another […]

  • She Shouldn't Have Asked…

    Rifle, CO is an interesting place if by interesting one means boring, standard, ho-hum, and bland.  I’m waiting for the hate mail.  In all truth, I am referring to the part of Rifle I had a chance to see.  That is, I saw the part that lies flush with I-70 – a small community of […]

  • Picking Up and Moving On

    I am an airport buff. There, I said it. As a young man I confused this love of all things this side of the tarmac with a love of flying.  As I grew older I came to realize that this simply is not the case.  My mom once asked me what I would do for […]

  • Grill'n in Denver

    I almost titled this “Chill’n in Denver” because we spent a day in the Mile High City before the actual event so we could visit my best friend and his family.  Then I thought of the implications of that title in this particular city…  Can I just say that it’s a shame that Denver cannot […]

  • Grill'n in KC!

    It’s fun driving around the country, really it is.  I get asked this question more than any other on this tour.  “Are you having fun?”  I wouldn’t have committed to Grill’n & Chill’n if it wasn’t.  Also, I believe in the mission of Christendom College so even when we have some maddening moments like my […]

  • Grill'n in Omaha

    Other than the fact we were leaving the Sis’s (which made me sad because they’re such good people and we enjoyed our brief visit) I was quite happy to hit the road this morning.  Today would see me add two more states to my count of states visited.  Let’s jump right into it, shall we? […]