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  • Alumni Map is Up and Running!

    You asked for it. Now the Alumni Map is up and running for you.

  • 40 for the 40th: Number 2

  • 40 for the 40th: Number 1

  • About 40 Things…

    I’ll cut right to the chase. This is a call for a little bit of assistance on the part of you, the great Christendom alumni family. If you took part in any of the Grill’n & Chill’n events last summer (2016), have an iPhone, and a few spare moments of time send me an email […]

  • Welcome to “the Portal”!

    I write this post from my kitchen counter in Irving, Texas.  My wife, the lovely Karla, and I are enjoying a quiet lunch at home.  I have just returned from noon mass, ironically at the chapel of another small Catholic liberal arts college nearby.  Our children are out for the day finishing a week of […]

  • What’s Going on in Roma?

    Fellow alumni, I wanted to take a moment and direct your attention to another publication in the amazing literary portfolio of your alma mater. I’ll begin by saying that if Christendom had instituted the Rome Program just a few years earlier, I might have been inclined to stick around a bit longer. That being said, […]

  • Coming Home from Homecoming

    Let me begin by proclaiming Christendom’s Homecoming 2016 a huge success – this despite the rainout of Sunday. Hundreds of alumni and their families returned to Front Royal this past weekend to mingle with old classmates and professors, to take in the breathtaking campus once more, and to hear about the future of this place […]

  • The Path to Homecoming 

    Friends, to the many of you who cannot be here tonight for Homecoming 2016, know that you are always in our prayers. Tim O’Donnell said to me yesterday that alumni are the greatest treasure any college can possess. “I believe alumni are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way,” he said. […]

  • How Far Have You Traveled Home?

    We landed at Dulles at midnight thanks to a slight delay caused by an inbound flight. No worries. Karla and I enjoyed a cocktail or four at the Chili’s Express at DFW.  In fact, all told it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 1:30 when we arrived at the place where we were staying the […]

  • Now Boarding… The Flight to Fun!

    Scratch that. We’re delayed.  But this is Tim and Karla. We’ll make our own fun and the rest of the terminal will want to join in but we won’t let them because they’re not as awesome.  Where are we bound? Homecoming, of course! Will we see you there?